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Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Decision-Making

Disagreement can occur whenever two or more people share different ideas, perspectives, and values. Unfortunately, most efforts to resolve disagreement result in a conflict - a situation where someone 'wins' and the other 'loses'. 'Win/lose' solutions are never sustainable and eventually results in 'lose/lose'. An organization committed to success needs to create a culture where disagreements are resolved with collaboration rather than conflict.

The goal of the Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Decision-Making workshop is to teach the attitudes and skills of successful collaboration in order to increase an organization's capacity to generate win-win solutions. This requires shifting from a problem-solving model to a person-supporting model.

The skills acquired in this workshop will contribute to a healthier workplace environment, a healthier home environment, and a healthier and more peaceful world.

Ted draws on the wisdom of many fine thinkers for this presentation.

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