An inspirational journey to end suffering and restore joy.
Peace Begins with me - A book by Ted Kuntz
About Ted Kuntz
My Desire is to Assist Others. My Desire is to Assist Others.
I've come to the understanding that most people want to be peaceful but don't know how to be peaceful. I sure didn't! People need information on how to live peacefully. They need to know what they can do to experience peace and joy within, regardless of their life circumstances.

My goal is to have more people experience peace and joy. I want more people to know how to be 'peacemakers'. I believe 'peacemaking' is the most important activity we can engage in at this time.

I invite you to read Peace Begins With Me and discover whether the ideas and strategies that allowed me to experience peace and joy will assist you as well.

Moving Thought Into Action
I also came to realize that to change it is necessary to do more than simply have good ideas. It is necessary to behave in ways consistent with the kind of change that is desired. And so I have created tools to remind myself of my personal responsibility to create peace.

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