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Peace Begins with me - A book by Ted Kuntz
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Kindness Coins Kindness Coins
One of these tools are Kindness Coins. Kindness Coins remind me to offer three acts of kindness daily. At the start of my day I place three coins in my left pocket. After I complete an act of kindness, I move one coin from my left pocket to my right pocket. My goal is to have all three coins in my right pocket by the end of the day.

If everyone completed three acts of kindness daily the world would be a kinder, gentler place.

Peace Begins With Me - Sticker
Peace Begins With Me - Sticker
A second aid is a Peace Begins With Me sticker. This sticker is a way of making a public declaration of my commitment to creating peace by beginning with me. What I can tell you is that when I have a 'Peace Begins With Me' sticker on the bumper of my car, I drive with more respect and regard for others.

Peace Begins With Me books, DVDs, audio books, e-books, and stickers can all be purchased by clicking the 'Order Book' link.

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