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Thriving In An Uncertain Future

Change is inevitable, yet many people resist change. Resistance to change causes distress that leads to both poor productivity, low moral, and employee illness. Resistance can also sabotage an organization's efforts to move forward to meet the demands of a changing world and marketplace.

Thriving In An Uncertain Future is a strategic intervention to ensure your organization is prepared for the uncertainties of change and is able to respond creatively and collaboratively to change. 

We will explore four key strategies to managing change:

  • Claiming Your Power
  • Managing Your Fear
  • Building Your Capacity for Collaboration
  • Working From Your Values

It is expensive to lose even one employee due to their inability to manage change constructively.

'In the end it is the ability to change,
to look at things in a new way
which distinguishes those who are happy
from those who are not.'

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