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Peace Begins with me - A book by Ted Kuntz

tedoncouch.jpg The Joy of Stress

Research indicates that there is good reason to pay attention to the health and wellness in the workplace. According to Statistic Canada the cost of employee absence is about $8.6 billion per year. The Worker's Compensation Board of British Columbia identified 'stress' as the most significant disease of the 21st century. In my experience in consulting to corporations, governments, and non-governmental organizations I observe that most people are not adequately prepared for the stresses of life.

The Joy of Stress is an important resource to assist managers, employees, and family members  to live life more joyfully. In The Joy of Stress Ted Kuntz shares the wisdom he acquired in overcoming the challenges and stresses in his own life. The content of this workshop has been captured in Ted's best selling book, Peace Begins With Me.

Ted takes the wisdom of ancient masters and incorporates them into day-to-day language and action. You will learn:

  • Six ways of thinking that feed your negativity
  • Ten strategies to increase your peace, joy, and happiness
  • The difference between stress and distress
  • How to create Peace within

In The Joy of Stress Ted teaches the difference between 'stress' and 'distress' and identifies specific and effective strategies to manage stress constructively and creatively.

This workshop is a must for all individuals, organizations, and corporations challenged by the stresses of today's fast paced world. An investment in your employees  is an investment in your business!

The Joy of Stress is Ted's most requested workshop.

“The greatest discovery of my generation
is that a person can alter their life
 by altering their attitude.”

- William James, 1902

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